More than 150 companies and organizations from all over the world, specializing in cryptocurrency will once again gather in Japan.

[25,000 attendees expected]



Japan Blockchain Conference (JBC) – Yokohama Round 2019


January 30 (Wed.) – 31 (Thur.), 2019, 9:00am – 6:00pm


Pacifico Yokohama, Hall B


The Global Blockchain Council

Participation Fee:

JPY100,000 (USD1,000)
※ Includes a two-day pass to the lounge and invitations to the After Party (30th) and Celebration Party (31st)

Advance registration
One day ticket: JPY3,000 (USD30)
Two day ticket: JPY5,000 (USD50)
Same day purchase One-day ticket: JPY4,000 (USD40)

1) Exhibition zone: 150 market entrants from Japan and abroad
2) Lectures/seminars: Prominent guests from the blockchain industry
3) Other areas

We are currently accepting applications for the conference. Application deadline: 14 December 2019 23:59 JST.

Application Form
* Please re-enter the contact person’s email address to confirm
* We can display your company’s poster in the venue on the dates of the event.
* On the event days, you can add your company’s flyer to the reception sampler handouts.
* Display of posters and inclusion in the reception sampler is also available to those who do not plan to have a booth.
* Please be aware that availability is limited.
* Our office will review all posters and flyers prior to the event.
※ Please write your purpose for exhibiting at this conference.

Exhibition Rules

■ Implementation of rules

Companies and organizations who exhibit or conduct seminars at the event (hereinafter referred to as “exhibitors”) must observe the following rules, and the rules stipulated in the “Exhibition Manual” presented by the organizer. If the organizer judges that an exhibitor has violated any of these rules, committed any nuisance, or taken any action against public policy to third parties, the organizer shall be able to refuse their submission registration, cancel their exhibition contract, and instruct the exhibitor to remove and/or change booths, exhibits, and decorations.
The organizer shall not compensate for any loss caused to exhibitors and parties concerned by returning fees paid beforehand by the exhibitor, cancelling the exhibition contract, and removing and/or changing booths, exhibits, and decorations, and the exhibitor shall compensate for all the expenses if any loss is imposed on the organizer.

■ Qualifying for the exhibition

Exhibitors are limited to companies, organizations, and other business entities who provide products or services in accordance with the purpose of the event indicated by the organizer. The organizer has the right to decide whether products or services match the purpose of the event.

■ The exhibitor’s name

The name the exhibitor writes in the application form will be the name shown on advertisements for the event, the official website, and the official guidebook. Please make sure to write your official company or organization name.

■ Decisions about the location of each exhibitor’s booth and stage timetable

The organizer decides and announces the location of each exhibitor’s booth and stage timetable, considering the date of the exhibition contract, exhibition size, and the contents of exhibits and seminars.

■ Conclusion of the exhibition contract

An exhibition contract shall be regarded as concluded on the date the organizer receives the submission fee paid by an exhibitor.

■ Payment of the submission fee

Exhibitors shall pay submission fees by Thursday, November 22, 2018, by the payment methods designated by the organizer. Please pay your submission fee in advance.
If your payment is not confirmed by the deadline, your exhibition contract shall be justly cancelled. In this case, the exhibitor shall compensate for all expenses if any loss is imposed on the organizer.
The submission fee covers the expenses for the exhibition booth space and stage slot. For the exhibition, various costs may be incurred in addition to the submission fee, including the cost of fixtures and the cost of internet access, depending on use. These costs shall be borne by each exhibitor.

■ Cancellation of the exhibition contract

If an exhibitor cancels the whole or part of the exhibition contract after it has been concluded, then please be sure to do so in writing. To cancel, the exhibitor shall pay the following cancellation fee.

  1. ① Date of the conclusion of the exhibition contract to November 21, 2018: 50% of the submission fee
  2. ② November 22, 2018, and after: 100% of the submission fee
  3. ※ If the amount of losses to the organizer exceeds the cancellation fee, the exhibitor shall compensate for the losses separately.
  4. ※ The exhibitor shall transfer the cancellation fee to the bank account designated by the organizer by the date specified in the invoice.

■ Prohibition of subletting

Exhibitors are not allowed to transfer or lend the whole or part of their contracted booths to other organizations (regardless of whether there is any transfer fee or lending fee) without the organizer’s permission.

■ Cancellation of the exhibition

The organizer shall be able to cancel the exhibition in whole or in part any time for the organizer’s own reasons. If so, the organizer will refund exhibitors reasonable amounts of money based on their proportion to the whole event, and the number of remaining days of the event, but will not bear any other responsibilities. If the exhibition was cancelled in whole or in part for a reason other than the organizer’s own reasons (including when the organizer judges that it has no choice but to cancel the exhibition), the organizer shall not bear any responsibility for the exhibitors.

■ Liability for damages/losses

The organizer does not accept any liability for personal injury or property losses resulting from an exhibitor, and parties concerned, exhibiting in the venue, for any reason whatsoever. In addition, an exhibitor must immediately compensate for damages to the facilities and equipment of the venue, injury of third parties, or property losses caused intentionally, negligently, or accidentally by the exhibitor’s employees, representatives, or parties concerned.
If damages are claimed against the organizer, the exhibitor shall be responsible for paying them, and immediately pay the organizer the whole amount of losses imposed on the organizer, including a retainer fee and compensation for a lawyer, if any loss is imposed on the organizer.
The organizer shall not take any responsibility for any misspellings or missing letters in published materials for the event.

■ Carrying in, packing up, and dismantling exhibition items

Exhibitors shall transport decorations for booths and exhibits into the venue within the period stipulated in the Exhibition Manual provided by the organizer, and finish all decorating of booths by the time the exhibition opens. Exhibitors shall also finish packing up and dismantling all the exhibits and decorations within the period stipulated in the Exhibition Manual.
If an exhibitor fails to do this within the period, and losses are caused to the organizer and parties concerned, the exhibitor shall compensate for all the losses to the organizer and parties concerned.

■ Exhibition rules

Exhibitors must observe the organizer’s instructions and the rules stipulated in the Exhibition Manual provided by the organizer in regards to decorations at the exhibition.
Exhibitors must make sure that their exhibits do not stand in the way of neighboring exhibitors. If an exhibitor has trouble with neighboring exhibitors, the organizer shall judge from the rules stipulated in the Exhibition Manual whether the exhibitor has obstructed them or violated the rules, and the exhibitor shall follow the judgment.

■ Firefighting and safety

Exhibitors must observe all regulations and rules as to firefighting and safety that are applied to the venue.

■ Taking pictures and videos

The organizer has the right to permit exhibitors to take pictures and videos during the event and all other rights for pictures taken at the event.

■ Handling of personal information

Exhibitors must observe the Personal Information Protection Law and related laws, and acquire personal information legally and appropriately if they acquire it through the event. Exhibitors must ensure their use of information is within the law. In addition, exhibitors shall take responsibility for the managing and using of personal information they acquire. If any loss is caused to visitors by any circumstance, exhibitors shall take full responsibility and resolve any dispute responsibly by themselves.
※Please note that the organizer will provide operation, construction, and electrical contractors with information about exhibitors for business reasons.

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